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Ballot Type: computer

Overall Rationale:
About halfway through last season, I finally accomplished my goal of creating a computer poll that isn't a dumpster fire. This year, I somehow made it worse by making it more comprehensive??? Idk man, but MAJOR CHANGE ALERT I went back to last years formula this week. My poll starts with all FBS teams tied for a clean slate. From there, teams are ranked "down" (where number 1 is the best team) and "up" (where number 130(sum of FBS teams) is the best team). Then each week if you beat a team, you gain their "up" rank or lose their "down" rank. For example, let's say Alabama is ranked 1 and TAMU is ranked 17. if TAMU beats Alabama, they would gain Alabama's "up" rank (130 points) to their score. If TAMU loses to Alabama this weekend, they would lose Alabama's "down" rank (-1 points) to their score. It follows that if Alabama loses, they lose TAMU's "down" rank (-17 points) and if Alabama wins, they gain TAMU's "up" rank (114 points). This means teams who win against higher ranked opponents are highly rewarded, but teams who lose games to higher ranked opponents don't lose too many points (Q U A L I T Y L O S S). It follows that teams who beat low ranked opponents don't gain many points, and teams who lose to low ranked opponents are punished hard. Byes are 0 points, and any FCS team is ranked the same as the last place team. A team's total score is then divided by the number of games played, so schools who play less games in a season aren't punished (re:Hurricane Florence). FIRST FIVE OUT: Iowa (30.667), Fresno St (29.192), Michigan St (26.500), Auburn (25.750), Boise St (25.231)

Rank Team Reason
2 Notre Dame Fighting Irish 79.000 TIED WITH CLEMSON FOR 1ST, WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK
3 Alabama Crimson Tide 77.538
4 Oklahoma Sooners 71.577
5 Georgia Bulldogs 69.769
6 Ohio State Buckeyes 67.231
7 Michigan Wolverines 59.375
8 Kentucky Wildcats 49.417
9 Florida Gators 47.500
10 Washington Huskies 46.692
11 Penn State Nittany Lions 45.417
12 UCF Knights 45.083
13 LSU Tigers 44.917
14 West Virginia Mountaineers 42.682
15 Texas A&M Aggies 41.250
16 Washington State Cougars 40.958
17 Texas Longhorns 40.692
18 Missouri Tigers 40.083
19 Mississippi State Bulldogs 36.917
20 Stanford Cardinal 34.875
21 Utah Utes 33.962
22 Syracuse Orange 32.542
23 Iowa State Cyclones 32.375
24 Northwestern Wildcats 32.000 Tied with South Carolina for 24th
25 South Carolina Gamecocks 32.000 Tied with Northwestern for 24th

Submitted: Mon 03 Dec 2018 01:14