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1 Alabama Crimson Tide Just give Saban another title.  Bama is in another league, Clemson is the only team with a shot at upsetting them, but Clemson will have to get past its opponent first...
2 Clemson Tigers
3 Ohio State Buckeyes Ohio State and Oklahoma have similar offenses, I give Haskins the edge over Murray in the last few weeks.  OSU defense is also better and OSU plays in a better conference than the Big 12.  Oklahoma has a better loss.  Edge here is OSU barely, I do not think either team has a chance against Alabama.
4 Oklahoma Sooners
5 Notre Dame Fighting Irish It sucks USC and Stanford are down this year, your third best win was Syracuse and your best win was Michigan before they figured their shit out.  You looked worse against Northwestern than Ohio State did, too.  You also didn't play in a CCG, you lose.  Join a conference.
6 Georgia Bulldogs When it all boils down, Georgia may be one of the top four teams in the country.  But with the current setup it doesn't matter.  I would favor Georgia on a neutral site against every team below it.  I hope we get to see a Georgia Michigan matchup somewhere.
7 UCF Knights Way to overcome some serious adversity and beat Memphis.  In a perfect world you would make the playoff, but this isn't that world.  Hopefully this season gets us to an eight team playoff and teams that do what UCF has done don't get left out anymore.
8 Washington Huskies Way to gut it out, Washington.
9 Michigan Wolverines Harbaugh needs to figure out how to beat good teams in big games, but this Michigan game is talented and fast, don't sleep on them.
10 Florida Gators Florida drops because Florida's most recent loss did not win the conference while Michigan's handled its business.  Florida also has three losses.
11 Washington State Cougars Splitting 9-3 SEC teams, the Cougs put on some shows this season.  Long way to go for the PAC 12.
12 LSU Tigers
13 Penn State Nittany Lions
14 Mississippi State Bulldogs I hope MSU doesn't have to play MSU in a bowl game...
15 Kentucky Wildcats That Tennessee loss is ugly, late season trending in the wrong direction.
16 West Virginia Mountaineers
17 Northwestern Wildcats Pat Fitzgerald is a great coach and this is a tough team.  
18 Utah Utes
19 Texas A&M Aggies
20 Iowa State Cyclones
21 Syracuse Orange
22 Army West Point
23 Utah State Aggies May not have won the MW but damn is the offense impressive.
24 Fresno State Bulldogs Great finish to the season for the Bulldogs
25 Missouri Tigers I hate the SEC but I can't deny it's the best conference in the country.

Submitted: Sun 02 Dec 2018 13:11