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Ah here we go, the one time I can make my voice heard and have it count for a tiny tiny bit. I played around with a grading formula this year that is heavy on strength of schedule and doesn't punish losses too much, but does punish losses of teams you've played so that strength of wins can be accounted for. Taking the final week here before bowls to recognize 10 win teams and conference champs, sorry four loss teams. So if your team won 10 or more games I see you.However, I'm going against that in advocating for UCF. I know the schedule isn't as hard, but when you've completed back to back undefeated prebowl seasons and still don't get the chance to play for a national title then the system is wrong. There is a tangible split between the P5 and G5 and they should play for their own national championship since they're not allowed a seat at the CFP table.

Rank Team Reason
1 Alabama Crimson Tide 13-0 Conference champ
2 Clemson Tigers 13-0 Conference champ
3 Notre Dame Fighting Irish 12-0
4 UCF Knights 12-0 Conference champ. I 100% agree OU and OSU have played tougher schedules, but this is something UCF has proven they deserve so fuck anyone that doesn't have them in the top four. They've done literally all you could ask, including a 17 point comeback in the CCG without their star QB.
5 Oklahoma Sooners 12-1 conference champ, better loss than OSU, also avenged that loss decisively.
6 Ohio State Buckeyes 12-1 conference champ.
7 Georgia Bulldogs Best two loss team IMO. 11-2 division champ
8 Michigan Wolverines Followed by them. 10-2
9 Washington Huskies 10-3 conference champ. Probably too high here though.
10 Fresno State Bulldogs 11-2 conference champ. Too high maybe, but I had Boise here last week and they won @Boise. Also keeps me from having a three loss SEC team in the top 10.
11 Florida Gators H2H nod over LSU I guess. 
12 LSU Tigers Meh.
13 Washington State Cougars 10-2, not a great schedule which likely keeps them out of the NY6.
14 Penn State Nittany Lions Probably would be playing in the NY6 if they hadn't lost to MSU.
15 West Virginia Mountaineers Bowl season will have to tell me if WVU is actually good or the Big 12 just isn't great.
16 Kentucky Wildcats 9-3 with nice wins over Florida and Miss State, but still lost to 17
17 Syracuse Orange Hell of a season for Syracuse still.
18 Boise State Broncos 10-3 division champ.
19 Appalachian State Mountaineers 10-3 conference champ.
20 Army West Point 9-2, but with a chance to win their tenth. Also, they're just good this year.
21 Utah State Aggies 10-2 solid season but lost the coach.
22 UAB Blazers 10-3 conference champ.
23 Cincinnati Bearcats 10-2 solid season
24 Northern Illinois Huskies 8-5 but conference champ.
25 Buffalo Bulls 10-3 division champ and literally just lost to the team above them.

Submitted: Sun 02 Dec 2018 05:29