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ThePelvicWoo Ballot for 2022 Week 4

Ballot Type: Hybrid

Submitted: Sept. 19, 2022, 7:49 a.m.

Overall Rationale: Heavily based upon Beta_Rank while adjusting for actual wins/losses. Teams with 3 FBS games the model is now using mostly in-season data. Teams with 2 FBS games will be a little more volatile.

Rank Team Reason
1 Georgia Bulldogs Retains the top spot in Beta_Rank this week
2 Ohio State Buckeyes Jumps Alabama in Beta_Rank
3 Alabama Crimson Tide Slides down to number 3
4 USC Trojans Now that last season's data is starting to fall out of the model, USC is rocketing up. Beta_Rank has them at number 5
5 Clemson Tigers Only 2 FBS games so the model is still using last year and offseason projections. Unless they figure things out quickly they are going to fall as more 2022 data is included.
6 Michigan Wolverines Absolutely demolishing 3 of the worst teams in FBS
7 Oklahoma Sooners So far so good
8 Penn State Nittany Lions Impressive showing against Auburn
9 Ole Miss Rebels only 2 FBS games
10 Tennessee Volunteers So far so good
11 LSU Tigers Ranked 4 in Beta_Rank and just beat the team that Beta_Rank has at 6th. The FSU loss was funny but at some point I got to just suck it up and rank them
12 Oregon Ducks They got the good version of Bo Nix this week. We'll see how this plays out in conference play
13 Oklahoma State Cowboys Slipped in the model a bit but they also only have 2 FBS games. Probably got dinged for ASU quickly going into a tailspin
14 Texas Longhorns Are they back?
15 Minnesota Golden Gophers Only 2 FBS games, also they've played nobody
16 Washington Huskies Beta_Rank said that Michigan State was grossly overrated so Washington didn't get a ton of credit for this win. Computer likes the offense though
17 Maryland Terrapins The model *really* likes SMU so Maryland benefits from that win quite a bit.
18 Mississippi State Bulldogs Not sure what to do here. Beta_Rank still has them at 6 and LSU at 4, but I don't *really* believe that LSU is the 4th best team in the country.
19 Wisconsin Badgers Only 2 FBS games, so the model will use more in-season data next week after they play Ohio State. Enjoy being ranked while you can
20 Texas A&M Aggies This team is gross
21 Pittsburgh Panthers Still hangin around the top 25
22 Utah Utes Only 2 FBS games
23 Florida State Seminoles Only 2 FBS games, I the LSU win will give them a boost once the model starts accounting for more in-season data
24 North Carolina Tar Heels This team is a total fraud but they are undefeated and still top 25 in Beta_Rank so here we are. Also only 2 FBS games, they'll probably fall off the map next week.
25 Wake Forest Demon Deacons Only 2 FBS games

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