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2022 Week 15 & Bowls James Madison Dukes Rankings

Main Poll Voters

User Rank Reason
HarbingerOfFun 18
tks231 20
Darth_Ra 21
nbingham196 21
ChargerFan2121 22
grjohnst 22
Apep86 23
owlalwaysloveyew 23
Staind075 23
ucfskuba 23
wameron 23
113milesprower 24
spasm01 24

Provisional Poll Voters

User Rank Reason
zenverak 15
Ruhrgebietheld 21
Xarathustria 22 68.90
ewolfy13 23 Neither 24 or 25 played but moved up due to losses ahead of them
grtgbln 23
RootBeerBloat 23
Underground_Bread 23
ColombianInIowa24 24 JMU is a weird school to deal with as they have 3 losses but only played 11 teams. As such I decided I would treat them as a 4-loss team but exempt from the normal head-to-head I look for within a tier of teams. The only other school that has secured this special exemption is Utah which earned it by winning one more game then the rest of its 3-loss bretheren. That is what ultimately allows them to be put here and above the others such as Marshall, the first one out.
Yelich04 24
Blue = Human
Red = Computer
Green = Hybrid

Bold = before the AP poll was published
Normal = after the AP poll was published

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