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Rank Team Reason
1 Alabama Crimson Tide best team ever? I mean didnt have to play any fcs or whatever teams
2 Ohio State Buckeyes cant put them anywhere else
3 Clemson Tigers would have thought they'd have put up more a fight to OSU. at least dabo didnt win again
4 Notre Dame Fighting Irish really unsure on a and m and ND here, both lost to bama tho ND closer. but ND also lost to clemson, but maybe a and m would have too? figure keeping ND here is fine, but its clsoe in my mind
5 Texas A&M Aggies only one (bad) loss to the top team,which many others had. and they did well against their other opponents (mostly florida)
6 Oklahoma Sooners kinda amazing after their start to make it back up here, as always
7 Georgia Bulldogs another team that had a "bad" season but for most us it was great
8 Cincinnati Bearcats unfortunate loss I suppose, but kinda expeced still great season
9 Iowa State Cyclones now this is a team that is excited to be here, finally. great season tornado like folks
10 Northwestern Wildcats another team stoked to be here, and did well. almost thought they might be able to nip OSU in the title game, but naw
11 Indiana Hoosiers would've been interesting to see how they ended up with Penix in instead of out
12 BYU Cougars could've been undefeated if they didnt go cross country to Coastal, gotta give them props for that
13 Florida Gators weird season. got some solid win vs georgia whic I'm sure they like. but most other wins were meh (though closer to Bama than anyone else) but losing to lsu and the amount to oklahoma isnt great
14 Coastal Carolina Chanticleers great team,, could've been higher but that darn liberty got them
15 Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns probably really want that rematch with coastal about now. but shouldnt have lost the earlier go. still great season and finish
16 Iowa Hawkeyes didnt beat the best of teams really, but after a not great start sure have finished amazingly
17 Liberty Flames idk if they deserve to be this low, beat the chanticleers and lost (by 1) to an acc team. as much as I dislike to say it great season 
18 North Carolina Tar Heels high highs and low lows. or at least weird lows. granted teh a and m one was expected.
19 Texas Longhorns texas is back with a new natty winning coach? please beat oklahoma 
20 Oklahoma State Cowboys really the team I want to beat oklahoma, kinda weird year expected more, but wasnt that bad either
21 USC Trojans any pac 12 team had a weird ass year and lost to oregon so that was goofy as fuck. and kept helton so thats also kinda whack.
22 Miami Hurricanes strange year, ended on a bad streak since they didnt get georgia tech. but kinda won everything expected and lsot everything expected I'd say?
23 Ball State Cardinals big ups, only one loss and got a solid season
24 San José State Spartans I'm sure they're stoked even if no undefeateds
25 Buffalo Bulls another great season even tho not undefeated. only 1 loss and ot another great team

Submitted: Wed 13 Jan 2021 03:06