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Ballot Type: human

Overall Rationale:
Tier System. Top 4 represents my picks for the playoff. Due to lack of non-conference play, resume is not a factor in my rankings.

Rank Team Reason
1 Alabama Crimson Tide S Tier (Had a close game with Florida so is brought back down from the "unbeatable" Ultra S Tier.)
2 Clemson Tigers S Tier
3 Ohio State Buckeyes A Tier
4 Notre Dame Fighting Irish A Tier (I normally am against having 2 teams from the same conference in a 4 team playoff but at least Notre Dame had a 1-1 split with the other team in their conference that made it.)
5 Cincinnati Bearcats B Tier
6 Coastal Carolina Chanticleers B Tier
7 Texas A&M Aggies B Tier
8 Indiana Hoosiers B Tier
9 Oklahoma Sooners C Tier
10 Iowa State Cyclones C Tier
11 BYU Cougars C Tier
12 Northwestern Wildcats C Tier
13 Iowa Hawkeyes C Tier
14 Florida Gators C Tier (Despite the loss, I'm moving them up a tier for giving Alabama a more competitive game than I expected.)
15 Georgia Bulldogs D Tier
16 USC Trojans D Tier
17 Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns D Tier
18 North Carolina Tar Heels D Tier
19 San José State Spartans D Tier
20 Tulsa Golden Hurricane E Tier
21 Miami Hurricanes E Tier
22 Liberty Flames F Tier
23 Texas Longhorns F Tier
24 Oklahoma State Cowboys F Tier
25 Oregon Ducks F Tier

Submitted: Tue 22 Dec 2020 06:03