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Ballot Type: human

Overall Rationale:
Dropped Out: #23 USC. I went back and forth a lot on the order of 3-6 when I was on my 7 hour car ride back from the SEC Championship. Will explain more below

Rank Team Reason
1 Alabama Crimson Tide +0
2 Clemson Tigers +1
3 Texas A&M Aggies +2 - A&M gets the 3rd spot in my ballot sort of by default. I don't believe them to be actually the #3 team in the country but they did what they needed to to put themselves in a position to make the playoff. With Notre Dame's blowout loss and Ohio State not playout enough games they jump up to #3.
4 Cincinnati Bearcats +2 - Following from A&M, Cincy gets #4 by default for the same reasons as A&M.  Hoping they make the actual Playoff as well but we'll probably see another boring year with the same boring teams
5 Notre Dame Fighting Irish -3 - ND barely beat Clemson at home while Clemson was missing their star player and the blowout loss showed to me that they aren't deserving of the 4th spot. They can't claim they got better over time like A&M does when they're fresh off a 24 point loss and for that I leave them out of the top 4.
6 Ohio State Buckeyes -2 - I don't think Ohio State has played enough games for me to consider them for the top 4. Because they didn't play as many games they missed out on opportunities to win or lose which is unfair towards teams that played more games. Plus, in their only "good" wins they didn't look dominant enough to possibly overcome the lack of games played.
7 Florida Gators +3 - (homer take alert) To be honest I completely believe that Florida is the 3rd best team in the country at the very least but unfortunately they lost two games along the way which sucks for them
8 Oklahoma Sooners +0
9 Coastal Carolina Chanticleers +0
10 Iowa State Cyclones -3
11 Georgia Bulldogs +0
12 Indiana Hoosiers +1
13 Northwestern Wildcats -1
14 BYU Cougars +0
15 North Carolina Tar Heels +0
16 Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns +0
17 Liberty Flames +0
18 Miami Hurricanes +0
19 Tulsa Golden Hurricane +0
20 Iowa Hawkeyes +0
21 Texas Longhorns +0
22 Oklahoma State Cowboys +0
23 San José State Spartans +1
24 NC State Wolfpack +1
25 Oregon Ducks NR

Submitted: Sun 20 Dec 2020 12:47