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Ballot Type: human

Overall Rationale:

Rank Team Reason
1 Georgia Bulldogs
2 Ohio State Buckeyes Did you see what they did?
3 Cincinnati Bearcats Finally showing it. But my god Ohio State.
4 Alabama Crimson Tide
5 Notre Dame Fighting Irish
6 Michigan Wolverines
7 Oklahoma State Cowboys
8 Baylor Bears
9 Oklahoma Sooners
10 UTSA Roadrunners Meep. Meep. Motherfuckers.They're 11-0. That's hard.
11 Ole Miss Rebels
12 Michigan State Spartans
13 Oregon Ducks Oregon is a hard team to rank. Play a physical team, they'll get beat. Play a finesse team, they'll win.
14 Texas A&M Aggies
15 BYU Cougars
16 Utah Utes
17 Iowa Hawkeyes
18 Wisconsin Badgers
19 Pittsburgh Panthers
20 Wake Forest Demon Deacons
21 San Diego State Aztecs
22 Houston Cougars
23 NC State Wolfpack
24 Clemson Tigers
25 Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns

Submitted: Tue 23 Nov 2021 06:02