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Rank Team Reason
1 Georgia Bulldogs Time to face your arch rival and also Alabama is the week after.
2 Cincinnati Bearcats Wow you FINALLY gave us a convincing win. Guess you're serious now? With Oregon down, Ohio State vs Michigan settling itself, and you taking care of your last games semi-convincingly...this actually might happen!...or the Committee puts Notre Dame and Oklahoma State ahead of you since you don't have a quality loss.
3 Ohio State Buckeyes Think we all knew that the MSU secondary was bad, but uhhhhh, yikes. Time to find all the freezing cold takes of OSU fans wanting freshman QB CJ Stroud gone after a loss to a good (at the time) Oregon team.
4 Alabama Crimson Tide There's a few dozen cracks around the mighty pillars that hold up the Bama foundation. (Aka the offensive playcalling and defensive schemes pillars)
5 Oklahoma State Cowboys First ever Big12 Championship for the Cowboys and the defense will assure that you have a good chance to win it. Now the question is, assuming the scenarios of Georgia and Ohio State winning their respective the Cowboys have a fighting chance in the playoffs?
6 Michigan Wolverines At least the spread is only -7! And come on, your secondary isn't anywhere close to as bad as the other Michigan team that...beat you....oof.
7 Notre Dame Fighting Irish I feel like this is one of the most forgettable top 10 teams in recent memory. After their loss to Cinci, they just faded from everyone's minds. Well either that game or their playoff game against Alabama last year.
8 Baylor Bears I wonder how sicko would a Baylor vs Oklahoma State Big12 Championship game be. O/U probably under 45.
9 Ole Miss Rebels Did you really make Vanderbilt look competent?? No wonder why Mississippi State is favored for Egg Bowl. Will still be a great Thanksgiving treat regardless!
10 Oklahoma Sooners Oklahoma looking to reform themselves as a triple-option + defensive juggernaut. Can't blame them either, I mean, have you seen their QB's attempt a forward pass these past 2 games?
11 Oregon Ducks Cinci fans thank you for your '''sacrifice'''. Oh also, with the results of the Apple Cup and your nameless rivalry against Oregon State next week, there's a chance that a 7-4 (8-4) Oregon State or even a 6-5 (7-5) Washington State wins the North...Amazing...
12 Michigan State Spartans Signed Mel Tucker a bit soon there now Sparty? Or at least a bit much? Afraid USC or LSU would take him?
13 BYU Cougars BYU looking to complete their Pac12 tour with a game against USC.
14 Texas A&M Aggies A bowl hungry LSU comes into town. Surely the Aggies don't let up right?
15 Utah Utes When the statistic came out showing that Utah has a higher chance to make the Rose Bowl if they LOST to Oregon (meaning Oregon would be in the playoffs as the Pac12 winner, leaving the next best team to the Rose Bowl), we knew right then and there that Utah would beat the Ducks and ruin it. Now watch them blow it and lose in the Pac12 Championship.
16 UTSA Roadrunners Catching a tipped TD pass just as time expires to win it; Just like how they drew it up!
17 Wisconsin Badgers Wisconsin going back to their primary run offense and Nebraska losing by 1 score. All is right with the world. Also, Braelon Allen is only 17??
18 Iowa Hawkeyes A 9-2 ranked Iowa team is a 3 point underdog to a 3 win Nebraska team. Really telling of how their season has gone.
19 Houston Cougars A game against football juggernaut UConn and then a good matchup against Cinci.
20 Pittsburgh Panthers So...Pitt really is the current best team in the ACC huh...what a timeline...
21 San Diego State Aztecs I unironically look up San Diego State punting highlights so I can see Heisman favorite Matt Araiza boom the pigskin.
22 NC State Wolfpack So in a 3 way tie between NC State, Clemson, and Wake Forest, who should come out on top? The answer is honestly none of them deserve it but the poll demands an order and I just flipped a coin. It's basically what the Playoff Committee does for their rankings, right? 
23 Clemson Tigers Dread it, run from it: Clemson always arrives. Sometimes looking worse than usual, but they always arrive.
24 Wake Forest Demon Deacons You were the chosen one Wake. How far the mighty have fallen...
25 Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns Wow, you murdered a decent Liberty team. I'm not even sure that Texas could win again in a rematch for your 1 loss.

Submitted: Tue 23 Nov 2021 05:36