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Overall Rationale:
Next 5 out are: Oklahoma (229 Points); Brigham Young (228 Points); Washington State (227 Points); Army (226 Points); and Oregon State (211 Points). These point totals are incredible close, even between ranks 15 (297  pts) and rank 30 (211 points) which I think shows just how undecided this poll is at this point in the season. There's been a lot of weird movement (Utah blasting Oregon for example, while losing to BYU) that it just doesn't know how to handle.How it works:This is the Biorhythmic Ratings Over Holistic Methodology (BROHM) rankings originally created by /u/factorialite and modified and used with their permission. The way BROHM works is that each team is assigned points based on the following: P5 teams 150 points to startG5 teams 100 pointsFCS Playoff (last year) teams 75 pointsand all other FCS teams 50 points. For each game, a team contributes half of its points into the game pool (so if a P5 team starts against another P5 team they each contribute 75 points). Then, they take out points based on their Pythagorean share in that game (PointsFOR^2/(PointsFOR^2+PointsAGAINST^2)). This way, it's possible for a "bad" team to play a "good" team close and ultimately win points despite losing the game. Alternatively, it is possible for a "good" team to win a game and ultimately lose points to a "bad" team by not beating them by enough.Lastly, to help prevent major swings every week while also filtering generally "good" teams to the top, this ranking is run through several times. I found this helps stabilize the rankings week-to-week, however it doesn't prevent the model from coming up with extremely "hot" takes (which add to the fun, imo).

Rank Team Reason
1 Georgia Bulldogs 1637 Points
2 Ohio State Buckeyes 698 Points
3 Oklahoma State Cowboys 639 Points
4 Cincinnati Bearcats 563 Points
5 Alabama Crimson Tide 511 Points
6 Notre Dame Fighting Irish 499 Points
7 Wisconsin Badgers 435 Points
8 Utah Utes 416 Points
9 Michigan Wolverines 412 Points
10 Texas A&M Aggies 380 Points
11 Baylor Bears 363 Points
12 Boise State Broncos 350 Points
13 Ole Miss Rebels 340 Points
14 NC State Wolfpack 313 Points
15 Penn State Nittany Lions 297 Points
16 Arkansas Razorbacks 283 Points
17 Clemson Tigers 280 Points
18 Pittsburgh Panthers 274 Points
19 Houston Cougars 257 Points
20 Nebraska Cornhuskers 255 Points
21 Purdue Boilermakers 243 Points
22 Mississippi State Bulldogs 236 Points
23 Iowa State Cyclones 235 Points
24 Louisville Cardinals 232 Points
25 Tennessee Volunteers 230 Points

Submitted: Tue 23 Nov 2021 04:03