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Rank Team Reason
1 Georgia Bulldogs Georgia is my number 1. Undefeated at 11-0 with wins over Clemson (8-3), Kentucky (8-3), Arkansas (7-4), and a slew of 6-5 teams. 
2 Cincinnati Bearcats Cincinnati is 11-0. Best wins are over Notre Dame (10-1), SMU (8-3) and UCF (7-4).  
3 Ohio State Buckeyes Buckeyes get a bump after an absolute dismantling of a top 10 Michigan State team. They have one loss to Oregon and are sitting at 10-1. Their best wins are over Michigan State (9-2), Penn State (7-4), Minnesota (7-4) and Purdue (7-4)
4 Alabama Crimson Tide Alabama is sitting at 10-1 with their only loss being to Texas A&M. Their best win is over Ole Miss (9-2). They also have wins over Miss St (7-4) and Arkansas (7-4)
5 Oklahoma State Cowboys Oklahoma State is 10-1. Only loss is to Iowa State. Best win is over Baylor (9-2). Also have wins over Kansas State (7-4)  and Boise State (7-4) 
6 Notre Dame Fighting Irish Notre Dame is 10-1. Only loss is to Cincinnati. Wins over Wisconsin (8-3), Purdue (7-4), and Virginia (6-5)
7 Michigan Wolverines Michigan is 10-1. Only loss is to Michigan State. Best wins are over Wisconsin (8-3) and Penn State (7-4). 
8 Baylor Bears Baylor is 9-2 with losses to Oklahoma State and TCU. Have a really nice win over Oklahoma (10-1) as well as BYU (9-2), and also wins over Kansas State (7-4) and Iowa St (6-5). That BYU win is especially nice as a second win and makes me think these guys should be ranked higher than teams like Oklahoma, Ole miss, and Oregon.
9 Oklahoma Sooners Oklahoma is 10-1. Only loss is to Baylor. Best wins right now are over Kansas State (7-4) and Iowa State (6-5). Big game coming up against Oklahoma State. 
10 Ole Miss Rebels Ole Miss is 9-2. Losses to Alabama and Auburn. Nice wins over Texas A&M (8-3) and Arkansas (7-4). 
11 Oregon Ducks Oregon takes a tumble in my rankings after getting trounced by Utah. They should have a rematch coming in a couple weeks to make up for it, though. Oregon is still 9-2 with a very good win over Ohio State. They also have wins over UCLA (7-4), Fresno State (8-3), and Washington State (6-5). Odd loss to a terrible Stanford team. Hard to know what youre gonna get with these guys. 
12 Michigan State Spartans Michigan State is 9-2. They got slapped around by Ohio State in embarrassing fashion. They also have a loss to Purdue. They do have a really nice win over Michigan (10-1).
13 Pittsburgh Panthers Pitt is 9-2. Weird early loss to Western Michigan and a later one to Miami. Have some nice wins though including Clemson (8-3), North Carolina (6-5), Virginia (6-5), and Tennessee (6-5)
14 BYU Cougars BYU is 9-2. They have a really nice win over Utah (8-3) that looks even better this week. Also have wins over Wash St, Arizona St, and Virginia.
15 Wisconsin Badgers Wisconsin is 8-3. They have losses to Penn State, Michigan, and Notre Dame, but have won 7 in a row, including over Iowa (9-2), Army (7-3) and Purdue (7-4)
16 San Diego State Aztecs San Diego state is 10-1. They have a loss to Fresno State which keeps them from being ranked very high, but have some nice wins including Utah (8-3) and Air Force (8-3)
17 Iowa Hawkeyes Iowa is 9-2 and a weird team. They looked like world beaters early but some of those wins have slipped in appearance. Lost to Wisconsin and Purdue. Best wins are Minnesota (8-3), Penn State (7-4), and Iowa State (6-5)
18 Utah Utes Utah is a weird team. They have some interesting early losses to San Diego State, BYU, and Oregon State, but seem to have figured it out and now are 8-3 with wins over Oregon (9-2) and UCLA (7-4). Have a chance to win the PAC and play in the Rose Bowl. 
19 Texas A&M Aggies Texas A&M has one of the best wins in the country over Alabama (10-1) however they also have 3 losses to Arkansas, Ole Miss, and Miss St. They also don't really have any other wins to hang their hat on. Next best win is probably Auburn (6-5).
20 Wake Forest Demon Deacons Wake Forest has lost 2 of their last 3 and is slipping. They are 9-2 with losses to Clemson and North Carolina. They do have a nice win over NC State (8-3) with other wins over Army (7-3) and Virginia (6-5) 
21 Clemson Tigers Clemson pushed their way back into the top 25 in my rankings after making it back to 8-3. They picked up a really nice win over Wake Forest (9-2) who they beat in impressive fashion. Hard to figure out how to rank them against Wake, but im giving wake the nod despite the head to head win since wake has fewer losses and also beat NC st who clemson lost to. 
22 UTSA Roadrunners Undefeated! playing basically nobody. 
23 NC State Wolfpack 8-3. Best win is Clemson (8-3)
24 Houston Cougars 10-1. Best win is SMU (8-3). Could play big spoiler to Cincy. 
25 Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns Since losing to Texas in the opener, won 10 straight including over App State (9-2)

Submitted: Mon 22 Nov 2021 16:20