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Ballot Type: computer

Overall Rationale:
yeah, buckle in, this is a wild onefirst 5 out: Texas A&M, Boise St., Purdue, Fresno St., Air Force

Rank Team Reason
1 Ohio State Buckeyes the computer is heavily biased towards undefeated teams, so OSU's win must have been impressive enough to have it jump a (very) good UGA team. personally i'd put them at #2 but this is a computer poll.
2 Georgia Bulldogs FWIW, OSU is at 1.000 and UGA is at 0.994. So it's close
3 Cincinnati Bearcats
4 Notre Dame Fighting Irish
5 Alabama Crimson Tide
6 Oklahoma State Cowboys can't wait for the CFP to put OkSt over Cincy because they hate the g5
7 Michigan Wolverines or these guys
8 Wisconsin Badgers no, I still don't get why they're so high up. At least they're not top 4 anymore???
9 Oklahoma Sooners
10 UTSA Roadrunners meep meep
11 Houston Cougars
12 Baylor Bears
13 Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns It might be a fair criticism of this computer right now that it is favoring G5 teams a little too much. May have to adjust that dial, but I haven't changed it all year so...
14 Utah Utes
15 Ole Miss Rebels
16 Pittsburgh Panthers
17 Clemson Tigers
18 Appalachian State Mountaineers
19 San Diego State Aztecs adam korsak is a better punter don't @ me
20 Iowa Hawkeyes
21 Michigan State Spartans
22 Oregon Ducks
23 Wake Forest Demon Deacons rip the wake forest dream
24 BYU Cougars
25 NC State Wolfpack

Submitted: Sun 21 Nov 2021 14:35