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1 Alabama Crimson Tide Obviously.
2 Clemson Tigers Was playing to avoid elimination and succeeded. I enjoy listening to their head coach talk about as much as I enjoy being stung by bees, but I do like watching them play football.
3 Cincinnati Bearcats A G5 champion will never have the resume that a P5 champion does, but if it's close, we should err on the side of inclusion. Neither Cincy nor Ohio State played an SOS in the top 60, and Cincy played three top-40 opponents and a full season. If that doesn't get you in as a G5, nothing will.
4 Notre Dame Fighting Irish I said from the beginning that Notre Dame should be in regardless of the ACC results. The real crime isn't making the College Football Playoff on the back of a blowout -- the real crime is conference title games in NFL stadiums.
5 Ohio State Buckeyes Don't get me wrong, I hope they go in there and kick Dabo's sanctimonious ass. But after all that talk about a "thirteenth data point" and the garbage about "can the Pac-12 make the playoff only playing half a season," it's trash that Ohio State gets to be above those criticisms.
6 Texas A&M Aggies TAMU played an elimination game with Alabama. Don't blame me, blame the idiotic divisions system.
7 Florida Gators Better performance against a common opponent doesn't outweigh head-to-head.
8 Coastal Carolina Chanticleers There actually are not a lot of teams with a better list of wins than BYU + Louisiana. That more than offsets the mediocre overall SOS.
9 USC Trojans Margins of victory have been small against good and bad teams alike. I really don't know what to do with you but I think you were pretty good and your SOR was healthy going into the conference title game, which you were a tiny bit unlucky to lose.
10 Indiana Hoosiers Hell if I know, man. Defense is top-10, at least.
11 BYU Cougars Beating bad teams by a lot is usually but not always equivalent to beating good teams by a little.
12 Oklahoma Sooners I really hate having you above Iowa State, since I think their loss to Louisiana is a good bit better than your loss to K-State, but you had the same record in-conference, split the H2H, and didn't lose a noncon game, so it's really quite unclear.
13 Northwestern Wildcats Did everything a team can do against Ohio State. Good on you for covering.
14 Iowa State Cyclones You would have made my century for beating Oklahoma, guys, but I never really had you in the Playoff hunt. I think you were the Committee's attempt to show that they "really would consider a non-name brand, honest!"
15 San José State Spartans Can I hire your head coach?
16 Georgia Bulldogs A forgettable season. Not bad, just not remarkable in any way.
17 Iowa Hawkeyes I do think Iowa is probably the best team in the West, but it's close enough that I can't ignore head-to-head.
18 Oklahoma State Cowboys Whelming!
19 Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns Beat a lot of bad teams by close margins, which makes me think they've skated by a little bit. I don't love putting them behind Iowa State, but their strength of schedule and computer rankings are not impressive compared to Coastal and Cincinnati.
20 Tulsa Golden Hurricane Their two losses are competitive and to teams higher in the rankings.
21 Colorado Buffaloes This is maybe generous based on how bad they lost to Utah, but they beat some teams in the Pac-12 that are at least top-45-ish (Stanford, UCLA), a good G5, and they did lose a defensive captain midgame. I think they will at least cover the Alamo Bowl spread, if not win outright.
22 North Carolina Tar Heels Everyone here knows I don't actually think the Heels are that good, but the pantsing they gave Miami and the lack of quality resumes makes them a lock for a ranking.
23 Oregon Ducks Y'all made this so much dumber than it had to be when you lost to Cal. You can move on from the Tyler Shough experience soon.
24 UCF Knights My opinions on UCF are well-known. They lost two games to teams higher in my rankings and one that they really shouldn't have lost, but they're still great and will give BYU a great ballgame.
25 Texas Longhorns Fine, whatever, you can have a ranking, I don't care.

Submitted: Tue 22 Dec 2020 16:56