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Rank Team Reason
1 Ohio State Buckeyes I still believe Ohio State to be the best undefeated team in the country. I think the winner of Clemson/OSU will win it all.
2 Alabama Crimson Tide One of the most electric offenses I've seen in college football. They have weapons everywhere. However, I think their defense will keep them from winning the national championship.
3 Clemson Tigers Probably the best team in the country just based off of the eye test. However, the loss drops them beneath OSU and Bama. Even though they lost that game without Lawrence.
4 Cincinnati Bearcats I truly believe Cincinnati deserved the final spot. I think the top 3 teams are a clear level above the rest, but Cincinnati did everything they were supposed to do. Notre Dame proved they can't compete with playoff caliber teams, whereas we don't know that for sure with CIncinnati.
5 Indiana Hoosiers Indiana was snubbed the worst out of any team by the CFP Committee. Their only loss was to an undefeated playoff team by one score. And it wasn't a fluke that it was that close. They competed neck and neck with Ohio State. They should be in a NY6 game and not playing a team with a losing record.
6 Coastal Carolina Chanticleers Not getting enough respect for what they have done. They have a very similar resume to Cinci and went undefeated in a better than usual SBC.
7 Notre Dame Fighting Irish They had a great season up until that championship game, but they got exposed. They are not a top tier team.
8 BYU Cougars Their only loss is to an undefeated Coastal team by one score. They blew out their opponents in almost every other game.
9 Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns Their only loss was also by one score to an undefeated Coastal team. Although they have a slightly better win (ISU) than BYU does (SDSU), BYU has looked better in the rest of the matchups.
10 Texas A&M Aggies Never looked all that spectacular throughout the year. Having only one loss helps their case, but not so much when they got dominated like they did.
11 Northwestern Wildcats The Michigan State loss kept this team from a NY6 appearance. They could clearly compete with most teams, but they pulled a Northwestern and lost a game they shouldn't have.
12 Iowa Hawkeyes The most improved team from their first game to last. This team may have just cruised through everyone if they had a few early tune-up games.
13 Oklahoma Sooners The second most improved team from their first game to last. They will be competing for a playoff spot next year if their defense can remain good.
14 Tulsa Golden Hurricane This team is a few plays away from turning both their losses into wins. Only losing to Cincinnati in a scrappy AAC is an impressive feat.
15 Liberty Flames Not getting much love for going 2-1 in the ACC and dominating everyone else.
16 San José State Spartans A great team that suffered from only playing a few games. They are probably more than happy with a conference championship after all these years of being bad, though.
17 Georgia Bulldogs Never lived up to expectations, but they found a new spark with the QB change.
18 Iowa State Cyclones Iowa State is a good team that just needs to take one more step to being competing for Big 12 Championships and playoff spots.
19 North Carolina Tar Heels They are the most hot and cold team in the country. Their offense can be as potent as any in the country if they choose to be.
20 Florida Gators Fell off a cliff to end the season. The LSU loss is a bad loss, but they did fight hard against Bama.
21 Oregon Ducks Ended up winning the conference after all.
22 USC Trojans USC is still not back to where they want to be, but they look like they're headed in the right direction.
23 Miami Hurricanes The UNC blowout dropped them from NY6 team to barely ranked. They benefitted from an easy schedule.
24 NC State Wolfpack Two blowout losses keep them separated from some of the other three loss teams.
25 Boise State Broncos This team would be a good bit higher had they not been blown out by BYU.

Submitted: Mon 21 Dec 2020 21:52