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Overall Rationale:
Purely resume based ranking that has no bias about when in the year a win or loss occured. 

Rank Team Reason
1 Clemson Tigers U kno y
2 Alabama Crimson Tide U kno
3 Washington Huskies Good wins:  9-3 Stanford  9-4 Utah   10-4 Colorado   8-5 Wash. St.  Losses:  10-3 USC  Alabama  
4 Ohio State Buckeyes Good wins:11-2 Oklahoma10-3 Michigan11-3 Wisconsin9-4 Nebraska  Losses: 14-1 Clemson11-3 Penn St. 
5 USC Trojans Good wins10-4 Colorado12-2 Washington11-3 Penn St.  Losses:14-1 Alabama10-3 Stanford9-4 Utah
6 Oklahoma Sooners Good wins:10-3 WVU10-3 Okie St. 8-5 AubLosses:9-4 Houston  11-2 Ohio St.
7 Florida State Seminoles Good wins:11-2 USF  9-4 Miami  9-4 Florida10-3 MichiganLosses:14-1 Clemson9-4 Louisville8-5 UNC
8 Penn State Nittany Lions Good wins:11-2 OSU11-3 Wisconsin8-5 IowaLosses:10-3 Michigan10-3 USC8-5 Pitt
9 Michigan Wolverines Good wins:10-4 Colorado11-3 Penn St.11-3 WisconsinLosses:11-2 Ohio St.10-3 FSU8-5 Iowa
10 Wisconsin Badgers Good wins:8-4 LSU8-5 Iowa9-4 Nebraska13-1 Western Mich.Losses: 10-3 Michigan11-2 Ohio State11-3 Penn St.
11 Stanford Cardinal Good wins:10-3 USC9-4 Kansas State8-5 UNCLosses:12-2 Washington8-5 Wazzou10-4 Colorado
12 Western Michigan Broncos Good wins:Losses:11-3 Wisconsin
13 Oklahoma State Cowboys Good wins:10-3 West Virginia9-4 Kansas St.10-4 Colorado8-5 PittLosses:6-7 Central Michigan7-6 Baylor11-2 Oklahoma
14 Colorado Buffaloes Good wins:10-3 Stanford9-4 Utah8-5 WazzouLosses:10-3 Okie St.10-3 Michigan10-3 USC12-2 Washington
15 Virginia Tech Hokies Good wins:8-5 UNC9-4 Miami8-5 PittLosses:9-4 Tenn4-8 Cuse9-4 GT14-1 Clemson
16 USF Bulls Good wins:9-5 Navy8-5 MemphisLosses:  10-3 FSU10-4 Temple
17 West Virginia Mountaineers Good wins:9-4 Kansas St.Losses:9-4 Miami10-3 Oklahoma St.11-2 Oklahoma
18 Miami Hurricanes Good wins:9-4 GT8-5 Pitt10-3 WVULosses:10-3 FSU8-5 UNC10-4 VT4-8 ND
19 Florida Gators Good wins:8-4 LSU8-5 Iowa8-5 UGALosses:9-4 Tennessee7-6 Arkansas10-3 FSU14-1 Alabama
20 LSU Tigers Good wins:9-4 Louisville8-5 Texas A&MLosses:11-3 Wisconsin14-1 Alabama9-4 Florida8-5 Auburn
21 Louisville Cardinals Good wins:10-3 FSULosses:14-1 Clemson9-4 Houston7-6 Kentucky8-4 LSU
22 Utah Utes Good wins9-4 BYU10-3 USCLosses:5-7 Cal3-9 Oregon12-2 Washington10-4 Colorado
23 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Good wins:10-4 VT8-5 UGALoses:14-1 Clemson9-4 Miami8-5 Pitt8-5 UNC
24 Tennessee Volunteers Good wins:10-4 VT9-4 Florida9-4 Nebraska8-5 UGALosses:8-5 TAMU14-1 Alabama6-7 USCe6-7 Vanderbilt
25 WKU Hilltoppers

Submitted: Tue 10 Jan 2017 20:00