2020 Week Goes To Eleven Ballots

User Wescat Xtremeloco zacheiny Zloggt
Type human human human human
1 Alabama Notre Dame Alabama Alabama
2 Notre Dame Alabama Notre Dame Notre Dame
3 Ohio State Ohio State Ohio State Clemson
4 Cincinnati Clemson Cincinnati Ohio State
5 Clemson Cincinnati BYU Cincinnati
6 BYU BYU Indiana Texas A&M
7 Wisconsin Texas A&M Clemson Florida
8 Oregon Florida Wisconsin BYU
9 Miami Wisconsin Texas A&M Indiana
10 Texas A&M Indiana Florida Georgia
11 Florida Miami Oregon Wisconsin
12 Indiana Oklahoma State Marshall Oregon
13 Coastal Carolina Coastal Carolina Miami Miami
14 Marshall Georgia Georgia Marshall
15 Georgia Marshall Coastal Carolina Coastal Carolina
16 Oklahoma State Oregon Oklahoma State Oklahoma State
17 Tulsa Oklahoma USC Iowa State
18 Northwestern Northwestern Iowa State USC
19 North Carolina Iowa State Oklahoma Liberty
20 Oklahoma Auburn Auburn North Carolina
21 Louisiana Liberty Northwestern Oklahoma
22 USC Texas Liberty Northwestern
23 Liberty Tulsa North Carolina Texas
24 SMU Louisiana Tulsa Louisiana
25 Texas USC Texas Tulsa
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