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More focused on the resume end of things than the "who would I bet on to win a game" poll. Therefore teams like Oklahoma State are going to be very high while Ohio State isn't going to be very high until they get tested again. Still some guesswork to "how good" wins are this early on in the season.

Rank Team Reason
1 Iowa Hawkeyes Yup. Iowa #1. The win over Penn State along with their depth has them take over the #1 spot after Bama's fall.Last Week: 3
2 Georgia Bulldogs UGA looks to be in the driver seat now in the SEC but they have a big test this week against Kentucky.Last Week: 2
3 Cincinnati Bearcats Cincinnati is thanking their lucky stars that VT can't finish a game out.Last Week: 5
4 Oklahoma State Cowboys Yes...Oklahoma State #4...let me defend myself...yes they haven't looked great in their wins...but of all the undefeated teams left...they've got wins over Baylor and Kansas St...which isn't *great* but at the same time most these undefeated teams don't have much in terms of wins.Last Week: 7
5 Oklahoma Sooners Oklahoma keeps getting away with it somehow picking up a win over Texas...just below OkSt for the time being since I think Texas is just a worse win than the Baylor win is for OkSt.Last Week: 13
6 Alabama Crimson Tide Down goes Bama! Still best resume of any 1 loss team with wins over Ole Miss and UF.Last Week: 1
7 Ole Miss Rebels Big win over Arkansas this week gives them a huge boost in my rankings as they didn't have a signature win before now.Last Week: 24
8 Oregon Ducks Oregon stays off this week...OSU win is better than Arkansas win but...Stanford loss man.Last Week: 12
9 Kentucky Wildcats Kentucky keeps on winning...until UGA wins by 30 this week...Last Week: 11
10 Michigan Wolverines Michigan doesn't lose to Nebraska but they came way too close.Last Week: 8
11 Michigan State Spartans Michigan State stays some wins over teams who don't suck but...waiting for that test...which they will be.Last Week: 14
12 Wake Forest Demon Deacons Kinda the same story as Michigan State...Last Week: 15
13 Notre Dame Fighting Irish ....i don't wanna talk about it....Last Week: 18
14 Penn State Nittany Lions PSU drops their first game to Iowa. The Auburn and Wisconsin wins keep looking worse and worse.Last Week: 4
15 Ohio State Buckeyes Keep beating up not so good teams....okay...just waiting for their next test.Last Week: 19
16 SMU Mustangs What is this the early-80's again?!Last Week: 23
17 San Diego State Aztecs Decent win over Utah I guess.Last Week: NR
18 UTSA Roadrunners Memphis win gets worse and worse.Last Week: 20
19 Coastal Carolina Chanticleers Still don't buy a date with App State this week though.Last Week: NR
20 Arkansas Razorbacks TOUGH loss to Ole Miss...still have wins over Texas and Texas A&M though.Last Week: 9
21 BYU Cougars Bad loss to BYU...just ugly...still solid wins against PAC-12 teams.Last Week: 6
22 Baylor Bears Get another shot at a ranked team next week against...the team right above them here.Last Week: 21
23 Arizona State Sun Devils BYU losing is unfortunate but the depth isn't too bad.Last Week: 17 
24 Texas A&M Aggies You beat Bama after losing to Miss St....okay then.Last Week: NR
25 Texas Longhorns you really choked....Last Week: 10Dropped out: #16 WMU, #22 Auburn, #25 Texas Tech

Submitted: Tue 12 Oct 2021 05:57