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1 Georgia Bulldogs Down goes Bama and up goes Georgia. The Bulldogs haven't allowed 2 touchdowns so far this season. The defense is insane. With all the question-marks on offense (quarterback), they're still getting it done every week.
2 Iowa Hawkeyes Who needs things like an offense when you have a defense that ruins quarterback's days and a godly punter who gets more punting yards than the offense getting offensive yards. No ranked teams left for the Hawkeyes which is good since they've more than proved themselves, but plenty of trap games to knock them off the playoff scene.
3 Cincinnati Bearcats The Bearcats are now the highest ranked G5 team ever in the playoff era. SMU and perhaps UCF are your only challenges remaining. Keep winning and look good doing it, and there's most likely a chance to...fall 2 spots so a 1 loss Bama, 1 loss Ohio State, 1 loss Penn State, or 1 loss Oreg- 1 loss Michigan takes your spot. 
4 Oklahoma Sooners Spencer Rattler has entered the transfer portal and Sonner fans with Caleb Williams have entered the hope/hype portal. 
5 Alabama Crimson Tide Bama losing due to several special teams, a tradition like no other. Most people didn't expect the Aggies QB to play up to this level compared to how he looked previous weeks. You'll bounce back, and winning out will help you get back to the playoffs.
6 Ohio State Buckeyes Although it might be against weaker teams recently, Stroud and the defense have been playing much better. Penn State (hopefully with their QB back) will be your first big challenge in a wide open BIG East.
7 Penn State Nittany Lions Penn State has entered the Spencer Rattler sweepstakes for next season. The Iowa game was looking really solid until Clifford went out. Don't feel too bummed Lion fans, there's still hope for the season, but its tough sledding ahead.
8 Oregon Ducks That Stanford loss looks worse and worse, hence why I'm finally putting you below the Buckeyes. Coming off a bye and facing a really weak Cal team should help get things back on track.
9 Michigan Wolverines Only Nebraska is capable of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory day in and day out. Anyways, you get a bye week and then you hit the meat of your schedule.
10 Michigan State Spartans Kenneth Walker with 200+ rushing and Jalen Nailor with 200+ stuff Spartans. I still have doubts, but you're looking good for the most part.
11 Kentucky Wildcats Hope you enjoyed the undefeated feeling Kentucky; Arkansas sends their regards.
12 Oklahoma State Cowboys Not much to say right now, they have Texas coming up and look to continue being undefeated.
13 Ole Miss Rebels I would write a more meaningful summary of the Rebels performance, but I got 'injured' doing so.
14 Coastal Carolina Chanticleers Coastal vs App State for a sneaky good game, and its on a Wednesday so we're getting some real good Midweek #MACTION
15 Notre Dame Fighting Irish Notre Dame has also entered the Spencer Rattler sweepstakes. They wish they could have him right about now tbh.
16 BYU Cougars BYU had a chance to remain undefeated, but fumbled it away.
17 Arizona State Sun Devils The Sun Devils have been looking better and better every since their only loss the BYU. Only undefeated team in conference play as well.
18 Arkansas Razorbacks Despite back to back losses to ranked teams, Arkansas is for real. They'll be back in the top of the SEC discussion next year. Just gotta give it some time to develop. 
19 Texas A&M Aggies Calzada inherited college Johnny Manziel powers and bring down the dark empire of Bama. Aggie fans only wish they got this consistent QB play in earlier weeks.
20 Wake Forest Demon Deacons Wake Forest outlasts Syracuse in OT to keep the ACC playoff berth aliv- AHAHAHA sorry I can't do it.
21 Florida Gators Shutting out a team is quite the accomplishment...unless it's against Vanderbilt. Throwing 2 int's isn't all that bad....unless it's against Vanderbilt.
22 NC State Wolfpack Don't overlook Boston College, their defense isn't half bad and their only loss is against Clemson in a close low scoring one. Expect a similar type of game here.
23 SMU Mustangs The Naval battleship is no match for the Pony Express. Choo Choo!
24 Texas Longhorns Texas is back! blowing huge leads in critical games. At least you have that god tier running back. He'll be turning heads for a while. Don't waste him.
25 UTSA Roadrunners Imagine not ranking undefeated UTSA. Meep Meep cowards!

Submitted: Tue 12 Oct 2021 02:23