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nw____ Ballot for 2022 Week 13

Ballot Type: Human

Submitted: Nov. 22, 2022, 9:53 a.m.

Overall Rationale: Short on time this week, so going with the TL;DR for each team!

Rank Team Reason
1 Georgia Bulldogs I guess anything can happen in rivalry games which is why they didn't win by 30+??? Still didn't see anything that made me think any other team deserved this spot
2 TCU Horned Frogs Weird game, great win. Sonny's got some stones to try that late FG like he did. Better resume than Ohio State and Michigan, IMO.
3 Ohio State Buckeyes Looking shakier as the season goes on somehow. Not very confidence inspiring going into The Game
4 Michigan Wolverines Pick plays. They work. Wondering if Michigan will be able to dominate tOSU in the trenches again this year.
5 USC Trojans Surely the turnover luck will run out, right??? RIGHT? I mean that last pick by DTR... WOOF. Still, this may be the best offense in the country, especially now that Hooker is out for Tennessee.
6 Clemson Tigers I don't think they're better than LSU, but they have one fewer loss and that *has* to mean something in November.
7 LSU Tigers Did what they should've done to UAB. Next.
8 Alabama Crimson Tide Did what they should've done to *checks notes* Austin Peay. Next.
9 Penn State Nittany Lions Stop, Rutgers is already dead. Penn State locking in its "better than everyone in the B1G except tOSU and Michigan, who they are much worse than" slot. That defense really is something, though.
10 Washington Huskies Did what they should've against Colorado. Next.
11 Oregon Ducks Gutsy win against Utah. Pass defense was like MILES better than I expected. Either they've really improved or Cam Rising just absolutely pooped his pants on national tv. And maybe it's a both/and situation.
12 Kansas State Wildcats Defense allowed more than you'd like against WVU, but that offense may be even better with Howard at QB. Seemed like they could've scored a LOT more if they would've wanted.
13 Florida State Seminoles It is me, a person who is still absolutely shocked that FSU is doing what it is doing this year. Norvell should be up for COTY conversations, IMO. And, yes, I know it was just Louisiana, but how many FSU fans would've felt good about this game last year?
14 UCLA Bruins Tough loss. No clue what DTR was seeing out there at times. Expected them to lean on the running game more than they did, tbh. It is hard to beat any team turning the ball over like they did, especially when the other team has the best offense in CFB (probably).
15 Tennessee Volunteers Ouch. South Carolina?? Really? Feel terrible for Hooker, too.
16 Notre Dame Fighting Irish Green Iowa continues marching on... but it WAS Boston College, so really it should only count for like 1/2 a win... (joking). Looking forward to seeing strength on strength next week as the ND defense takes on the USC offense. USC's defense should make the ND offense look quite a bit better. If ND can protect the football... watch out (which is not something I thought I'd be saying this year after the whole Marshall and Stanford thing)
17 Oregon State Beavers I just really like this team. I love their whole philosophy. Would like to see them with a better QB and like a tank at running back sometime.
18 Tulane Green Wave This is a good team. Watch out.
19 Utah Utes What is wrong with Rising? Is he just really hurt? That wasn't a pretty showing AT ALL. This team is desperate for like any competent WR play, too.
20 Coastal Carolina Chanticleers Are they the 20th best team in CFB? No. Are they 9-1? Yes. Should that count for something in November? Yes.
21 North Carolina Tar Heels Mack. Come on. Georgia Tech?? What are we doing here. You've just ruined it for my boy Drake (who also had a strangely off day after what has been an almost entirely excellent season).
22 Troy Trojans This ranking is mostly because nobody else seems to want to be in the top-25, but I will give kudos to Sumrall, who is killing it.
23 UTSA Roadrunners Killed Rice. Nobody else wants to be in the top-25.
24 Sacramento State Hornets I refuse to rank Texas, I'm not ranking Ole Miss after they just got ran over by Arkansas (no offense to Arkansas-- they just dominated), and god knows I am not ranking South Carolina or Iowa. If an FBS team wants this spot, they'll have to take it.
25 Cincinnati Bearcats Really almost put SDSU here. I am just not a believer in this team with their current QB situation (though the rest of the team-- and especially the defense-- looks pretty dang good, IMO). But they're 9-2 and I think that should count for something in November.

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