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MWiatrak2077 Ballot for 2022 Week 13

Ballot Type: Human

Submitted: Nov. 21, 2022, 5:25 p.m.

Overall Rationale: vibes

Rank Team Reason
1 Georgia Bulldogs Georgia should remain at #1 for the remainder of the season, barring any further losses. It's, quite frankly, unbelievable that they even dropped in the first place.
2 Ohio State Buckeyes fuck ohio state
3 Michigan Wolverines Holy shit that was close. 7-3 Illinois nearly popped off the upset, - although it is worth mentioning that Michigan was without their RB1/RB2 TE1/TE2, and 3 OLinemen. Hopefully they'll heal up in time to head to Columbus for an 11-0 v. 11-0 The Game.
4 TCU Horned Frogs The Frogs survive an upset bid from Baylor to clinch their first 11-0 start in over a decade. Pretty neat.
5 USC Trojans holy shit what a game
6 LSU Tigers
7 Clemson Tigers
8 Penn State Nittany Lions
9 Tennessee Volunteers
10 Alabama Crimson Tide
11 Washington Huskies
12 Oregon Ducks
13 Kansas State Wildcats AHHHHHHHHH
14 Utah Utes
15 Notre Dame Fighting Irish
16 UCLA Bruins holy shit what a game
17 North Carolina Tar Heels
18 Florida State Seminoles
19 Tulane Green Wave
20 Ole Miss Rebels
21 Cincinnati Bearcats
22 Oregon State Beavers
23 Texas Longhorns
24 UTSA Roadrunners
25 Iowa Hawkeyes Before I get clowned for this take: They're 7-4 with two losses being to Michigan/OSU, one to a fierce rival, and another @Illinois. They've won @Purdue, @Minnesota, & beat Wisconsin at home, to reel off a 4-game win streak.

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