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LeWoofle Ballot for 2022 Week 13

Ballot Type: Human

Submitted: Nov. 20, 2022, 11:40 a.m.

Overall Rationale: Resume based ballot utilizing MoV, SoS primarily with small amounts of eye-test involved when comparing similar bodies of work. Head to head matchups played a bigger role this week than usual in determining placement in similar spots.

Rank Team Reason
1 Georgia Bulldogs Clear Number 1
2 Ohio State Buckeyes Closer game against Maryland than expected. When Ohio State is on, they are on, but they arent ALWAYS on.
3 Michigan Wolverines TCU could potentially be here, but the PSU win is doing good work and the close win yesterday was against a good team.
4 TCU Horned Frogs Undefeated against many good teams. Several matches were come from behind victories, but you dont accidentally go undefeated with a power 5 schedule. Beautiful final drive execution against Baylor, this team is well coached.
5 USC Trojans This team survives on offense and a spectacular turnover margin. At this point the opportunistic defense is a pattern, not luck. I think they are better than TCU, but the loss to Utah keeps this team from being ranked 3-4.
6 Clemson Tigers 1-loss and wins against several DECENT teams. We meme about a weak ACC, but NC State, WF, Syracuse, FSU are all decent at worst, and Notre Dame has recovered from their embarrassing early season woes.
7 Penn State Nittany Lions Losses to the number 2 and 3 ranked teams, with respectable wins and a good MoV in each of them.
8 Oregon Ducks Defeated a solid Utah team with half of a QB and half their offensive line. Understandable if people want to put Tennessee or LSU higher, but not Alabama.
9 Tennessee Volunteers Unfortunate loss to a decent but not excellent SC team. Would probably be slightly lower, but a head to head win against LSU in similar ranking areas keeps them in the top 9.
10 LSU Tigers Im still not convinced about this LSU team, mostly because im not convinced about Alabama and Ole Miss is sliding. Still a very good team.
11 Alabama Crimson Tide This team survived so long on name alone, at this point the quality losses are doing more to keep them up here than any of their wins besides Texas if you evaluate Texas on eye-test alone.
12 Washington Huskies Win against Oregon was massive last week. They took a little bit too long into the season to truly come in to form, but right now they are dangerous.
13 North Carolina Tar Heels Last of the 2 loss teams.
14 UCLA Bruins
15 Utah Utes A close, unlucky loss to Oregon that they probably should have won, but if Bo Nix was healthy Oregon wins by 10-13. What-ifs and should-haves go both ways.
16 Kansas State Wildcats Very high ceiling, but only reach that ceiling half of their games.
17 Ole Miss Rebels This team puzzles me. Some games are excellent then others are just disappointing.
18 Oregon State Beavers The overall strength of the Pac-12 this year is excellent. This team lost to USC in a game where they had a -4 turnover margin. This team can be dangerous.
19 Tulane Green Wave Admittedly only watched highlights of some of their games, this may be a way off base placement.
20 Notre Dame Fighting Irish Fixed their problems way too late into the season. Big game against USC coming up.
21 Florida State Seminoles
22 South Carolina Gamecocks Excellent dismantling of a still very dangerous Tennessee team.
23 Texas Longhorns At this point in the season, some 4 loss teams are ranked and due to several high ceiling performances, Texas gets the nod here.
24 Cincinnati Bearcats Not sure if ranked too high or low. 2 losses in FBS is respectable.
25 UTSA Roadrunners Any number of teams could have been in the 25 spot.

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